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Harvest Grains Tuti-Fruiti Mash

Harvest Grains Tuti-Fruiti Mash

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Gastric Support Formula with Scientifically Developed Ingredients

Horses are prone to feed related hind gut health issues
By targeting gastro intestinal condition we can:

  1. Improve strength of gut wall collagen
  2. Increase digestibility of oils and fats and reduce hind gut bacteria imbalances associated with symptoms of leaky gut syndrome.

*Exceptional acceptance with picky eaters

SOAK TIME - 1 minute or more
In warm or cold water

Fiber balanced carbs

'Just Scoop it, Soak it, Feed & Go!'

Steady carbohydrate release for condition and energy
Balanced ratios of fiber and carbohydrate, essential for intestinal health
A first truly balanced hind gut targeted complete feed
Replace heavy hard feed for light to moderate work

For horses and ponies with laminitis or cushings disease you should choose from the SMART-FEEDS range or consider Gastro Care COCO-MASH0

  • showring preparation
  • recovery and rehabilitation  
  • breeding, spelling, injured
  • hard to manage miniature horses
  • digestive or gastric issues / colic 
  • working horses benefit from balanced carbohydrates 
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