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Silver Whinnys - Sox for Horses - Set of Four

Silver Whinnys - Sox for Horses - Set of Four

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The Horsewear House is the sole NZ supplier for sox for horses. The sox can be worn in the paddock or in the box.

We are delighted to be able to offer the NZ horse scene access to these products. Available from the large Warmblood size to miniature.

These sox will stay up for many hours on most horses but we recommend that you check your horses twice a day whilst wearing them. It may take your horse a few goes before they get used to wearing the socks but its worth the extra time taken to get them used to them. Most horses will accept them within a few days.  Whilst we cannot guarantee the "staying up" we do have some tricks to help so contact us to learn more. 

The Silver Whinnys ™ provide a breathing and antimicrobial barrier to flies and dirt as well as protection from the sun on those sensitive white legs. Like the 

The Silver Whinnys ™ have antimicrobial/anti-fungal properties spun into the yarn and if they get damp don’t worry as moisture enhances these properties. 

All socks are completely washable and is recommended if your socks get slack on the leg you wash them in a mild detergent to get the “spring” back into them.

Before you order - make sure to measure your horses hoof - lift it up and measure the widest part of the underside and the length from toe to heal.    Use the measurements below as a guide, if you are still not sure them contact us.

Hoof Size  What Sock Type To Order
7.25" x 7.25"   Without shoes: Warmblood/Thoroughbred size
7.25" x 7.25"   With shoes : Call us for special order
7.00" x 7.00"   With shoes : Warmblood/Thoroughbred size
6.75" X 6.75"  Warmblood/TB size
6.50" X 6.50"  Warmblood/TB size
6.25" X 6.25"  Warmblood/TB size
6.00" X 6.00"  With shoes : Warmblood/Thoroughbred size
6.00" X 6.00"  Without shoes : Quarter/Standard
5.75" X 6.00"  With a shoe : Warmblood/Thoroughbred size 
5.75" X 6.00"   Without a shoe :Quarter/Standard
5.50" X 6.00"   Quarter/Standard
5.50" X 6.00"   Quarter/Standard
5.25" X 6.00"   Quarter/Standard
5.00" X 6.00"   Quarter/Standard
5.75" X 5.75"   Quarter/Standard
5.50" X 5.50"   Quarter/Standard
5.25" X 5.25"   Quarter/Standard
5.00" X 5.00"   Quarter/Standard
4.75" X 5.00"   Quarter/Standard with a shoe
4.75" X 5.00"   Quarter/Standard without a shoe
4.75" X 4.75"   Sport Pony
4.50" X 4.50"   Sport Pony
4.25" X 4.25"   Sport Pony
4.00" X 4.00"   Sport Pony
3.50" x 4.00"   Sport Pony


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