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The Horsewear House

Darla Designs Full Body Bibs

Darla Designs Full Body Bibs

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Imported exclusively into New Zealand by The Horsewear House.

Darla Design full body bibs are made fully of taffeta nylon they are designed to be worn as the first layer under your horses rugs acting just like a bib but for the whole body! Helps with any rug rubbing & also in creating that extra shine in your horses coat! Designed with loops at the chest for your rug chest strap to go through and loops at the back for your outer rug leg straps to go through to keep it sitting in place without slipping but eliminating the extra set of chest & leg straps. 

Beauty of these are there is no need to wash your rugs as often - wash the bib instead.

Binding Colours: (A specific binding colour for each size making it easier to identify the size of your rug by just looking at the binding colour.)

Sizes quoted are INTERNATIONAL sizes.

Yellow: 2’6,

Red: 2’9, 6’9

Royal Blue: 3’0, 5’3, 7’0

Purple: 3’3, 5’0, 6’0

Pink: 3’6, 4’9, 5’9

Turquoise: 3’9, 4’6, 5’6, 6’3

Lime Green: 4’0, 4’3, 6’6

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