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Harvest Grains Smart Chaff

Harvest Grains Smart Chaff

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Flax Seed 

Super Fibres

Digestive Enzymes 
Cold pressed Sunflower
Added Vitamins 
Bone Minerals  
Omega Oil 5% or 50ml per kg dry weight
10.4MJ  energy 
14% protein 
90% FIBRE 
NSC <7.5%
10g physio’ salts kg 
Tot Sel 0.34mg kg

Harvest Grains SMART CHAFF™

The addition of important vitamins, minerals and physiological salts restore nutrient content lost following the harvesting process and storage. 

To assist the diet from being compromised by those common nutrient shortfalls.

 Add water to provide rapid soaking for cellular and gastric rehydration 
Proven to help horses with dry throat, coughs, allergies and dust complaints. 
Recommended for those prone to suffering from diet related problems such as Colic, Ulcers, Digestive Disorders, Metabolic Heat Overload, Laminitis, Cushings 

These equines can benefit from the addition of SMART-CHAFF™ in the diet 
Balanced omega oils, salts, gut conditioners and non chemical additions known to provide natural anti-inflammatory action assist overall health and well being. 
This innovative Fibre/Lucerne replacement for other chaffs and beet is variable and safe to feed dry or soaked. 

Use alone or as the fibre for all hard-feed diets. 
To reduce energy/condition, replace feed with equal weight of SMART-CHAFF™ 
If feeding alone just top up the mineral/nutrient shortfalls using a supplement to ensure your horses health and metabolism are not compromised. 
Soaking for 5 MINUTES or more releases the oily Omega film and natural anti-inflammatory properties to the outer surface of the SMART-CHAFF™ fibres. 
Horses with dry throat, coughs and dust allergies will experience a more comfortable and soothing affect when fed SMART-CHAFF™ 
Suggested daily rate split between 2-3 feeds - based on dry weight prior to soaking
100kg = 100g - 500g 
200kg = 200g - 1kg 
300kg = 300g - 1.5kg
400kg = 400g - 2.5kg
500kg = 500g -  2.5kg 
600kg = 600g -  3kg

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