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Harvest Grains - Mega Build

Harvest Grains - Mega Build

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Harvest Grains MEGABUILD  



• Horses in training and competition 

• Show horses under saddle or in hand 

• Yearling sale preparation and Ready To Run 

• Underweight horses needing more condition 

• Spelling and rehabilitating horses 

• Broodmares, Yearlings and aging horses 
 MEGA-BUILD is a controlled energy feed to promote physical growth and appearance. As such it is suitable for  a variety of horses at varying growth stages and disciplines. 

Nutrient dense, non heating source of energy, quality proteins, highly digestible amino acids and fresh cold pressed Oil high in Omega 3 and 6 sourced from our own New Zealand growers.  Balanced using inorganic, chelated and organic minerals,  inorganic and organic vitamins (includes coated vitamins) and the important anti-oxidant Vitamin E at 450iu per kg  

Contains organic selenium (tot SE -.4mg per kg)  Calculated ratios of calcium and phosphorous, zinc (inc organic) and copper (inc organic) make Mega-Build the perfect feed for young nervous horses and performance horses in hard work 

• Seek advice to attain correct selenium levels for all horses. 

• Provide additional salt or electrolytes when work intensity or sweat loss increases  

• Energy 13.3% (DE) 

• C Protein 17% 

• Oil 8.5% 

• Fibre 7% 

• Sodium Chloride 6g per kg 

• Micronised lupins 

• Green field peas 

• Sunflower seeds 

• Extruded proteins

• Full oil flax 

• NZ cold pressed oils 

• Rolled barley 

• Fiber-digest pellet 

• Alfalfa  

• Molasses 

• Chelated & organic minerals 

• Coated vitamins 

• Increased Natural Vitamin E 

• Performance Booster  

• Gut Conditioner & Probiotics 


300kg 0.5-3kg 

400kg 1-3.5kg 

500kg 2-5kg 

600kg up to 5kg 

Light Work

300kg 1-2kg 

400kg 2-3.5kg 

500kg 2-5kg 

600kg up to 5.5kg 

Moderate Work 

300kg 2-3kg 

400kg 2.5-4kg 

500kg 3-5kg 

600kg up to 6kg 

Heavy Work 

300kg 2.5-4kg 

400kg 3.5-4.5kg 

500kg 4-5.5kg 

600kg up to 6kg 

Weanlings, Yearlings & Minis - do not exceed 1kg per 100kg bodyweight 

Not suitable for equines suffering EMS, laminitis or cushings disease 

We recommend HARMONIZE and/or SMART-CHAFF for those equines 

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