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Harvest Grains DIY Smart Feed

Harvest Grains DIY Smart Feed

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  • NO added Micro-Minerals
    NO added iron or selenium
    NO added copper or zinc
  • Increased Calcium/Phosphorus
  • Increased essential salts
  • Increased OMEGA 3 content
  • Non Endophyte Chaff
  • High in Vitamin 'E
  • Low GI
  • Molasses free
  • Soy meal free
  • Copra free
  • Lucerne free
  • Meadow free
  • 92% organic matter


Soak for 15 minutes or more
Recommended when at risk of:

  • Laminitis or foundering
  • Metabolic disorders
    EMS, Cushings
  • Feed induced Tying Up
    (RER & PSSM)
  • Insulin resistance
  • GIT disorders, colic, ulcers
  • Anxious behavor
  • Respiratory reaction to dust
  • Various common feed reactions
  • Gastric re-hydration

Organic Matter 90%, Fibre 68%, CFats/Oils/Lipids 10%, NSC 7.7%, WSC 5.4%, Starch 2.3%


Infusion combined with airing is a process used to increase stability of nutrients.


With increased Vitamin E and perfectly balanced calcium to phosphorus.

A high fibre foundation feed to which you add your own balance of minerals and vitamins. This enables you to finely tune your horses diet when micro-minerals eg iron, copper, zinc, selenium are present in pre-mixed feeds at levels confirmed not suitable for your horse or pony.

Adding a mineral vitamin supplement to any home made feed mix will not cater for the calcium and phosphorus essential to help maintain bones, joints and overall health.

‘DIY’-SMART-FEED™ has been carefully formulated so as to provide the correct balance for you to begin formulating your tailored feed.

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