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Eco Detangle & Shine

Eco Detangle & Shine

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Everyone loves a beautiful flowing mane and tail...but all horses have different hair texture.  Some coarse and thick, others thin and fine.  So we have formulated our 'Eco Detangle & Shine Concentrate' to enable you to decide the ratio that suits your own horse.

In just three easy steps make up the ratio you want, with the knowledge that there are no chemicals, silicones or other nasties in it, just pure natural goodness....and no water bulking! 

 Once finished just follow the steps again for another bottle or two.  With this system you can make between 500-750ml from one bottle of Concentrate.

We use only the finest quality natural ingredients (human grade) to help you achieve a gorgeous AND healthy tail and mane.  Our 'Eco Detangle & Shine' not only helps the hair but also provides nourishment for the skin, leaving the horse with healthy hair, healthy skin and a natural shine.....and all done with All Natural ingredients!  

* NO Nasty Silicone  * No Nasty Chemicals  * NO Water Bulking (we don't use water in our products, so therefore you are not being water from us to bulk up the volume)

Can be used on wet or dry manes and tails. 

Available with Citronella, Vanilla, Strawberry, Lavender, Tea Tree, Pina Colada or Unscented.  

You receive a 250ml bottle of Concentrate and an empty 250ml Spray bottle, all ready for you to make your own Detangle & Shine.

We also have an Eco Detangle & Shine Concentrate Refill... for when you run out! 

All of our fragrances are either Essential Oils, or Essential Oil fractions and natural fragrance compounds so are completely natural.  We do not use Synthetics.

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