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Conditioner Spray

Conditioner Spray

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Do you love our unique Leave-In Conditioner but would prefer it in a Spray?  Then look no further...our Conditioner Spray is as close as we could possibly get to it in a liquid form, and its gorgeous!  

This Concentrate makes up to 800mls.

As with all our products it's made from top quality all natural ingredients, no chemicals, no silicone.  Just pure goodness that is beneficial to the hair and skin as well as giving them a beautiful glossy glow.  

Our Conditioner Spray does not need to be washed out.  Just follow the instructions on the Concentrate, add your own water and spray onto the mane and/or tail.  Then gently brush through to leave your horses mane and tail fabulously glossy and shiny. It can even be used on dogs coats for a beautiful glossy shine.

As the is a Concentrate even though we put our recommended dilution on the bottle you can change this to suit your own horses mane and tail texture.

Available in Watermelon, Coconut & Lime, Sweet Pea & Vanilla or Unscented.

Receive the Concentrate and the recyclable Spray bottle....once your Concentrate is empty just purchase another Concentrate Refill from our can even try a different fragrance next time.  They are all gorgeous.

All of our fragrances are either Essential Oils, or Essential Oil fractions and natural fragrance compounds so are completely natural.  We do not use Synthetics.

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