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Hock Shields Ultra

Hock Shields Ultra

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Both the Hock Shield and the Hock Shield Ultra are made from tear resistant neoprene and lined with a soft fleece. To fit make sure the side with the tag is on the OUTSIDE of the leg. Bring the elastic strap around the inside of the leg and pull the strap for a snug fit. Lock the top Velcro flap down. Important: You should be able to put two fingers between the horses leg and the band DO NOT PULL TOO TIGHT or your risk restricting the circulation.

If a horse has a hock injury or bed sore, repeated lying down can aggravate it and prevent it from healing. Some sores just become larger and/or deeper. The heating process cannot take place unless a protective Layer is placed between the ground and the skin. 

Your current options are: Extra thick bedding, duct tape, gooey medications that soften the skin and attract dirt, bedding and flys’, or bulky restrictive products that fall off. 

The solution: the soft, flexible pocket in the center back of the Hock Shield provides comfort in the delicate area where the tendons pass just under the skin.

The ultra edition of the Hock Shield is an advancement on the original with several extra features making it the ultimate choice for the horse owner. 

The full wrap design ensures coverage even if the horse turns on the hock shield while pushing off the ground. The unique double layer of soft fleece on the inside can also be used for horses with arthritic hocks to prevent chill.


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