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Charcoal Shampoo

Charcoal Shampoo

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This thick and luxurious Charcoal Shampoo is designed to give them a deep cleansing clean.  

When washing with Activated Charcoal the dirt molecules stick to the charcoal, so when rinsed off it takes all the dirt away with it, leaving them with super clean coats and skin.  Activated Charcoal is incredible for detoxifying and has great cleansing properties.  The Charcoal we use is sustainably made and sourced in New Zealand.

This is not a stain removing shampoo, it's a deep cleaning shampoo!  It leaves the horse with clean skin, coats looking brighter and whites looking whiter.  

Perfect for all colour of horses....from blacks right through to palomino's and greys.  It does not stain them. It’s also a perfect pre-clipping shampoo to use to remove all that dander and deeply embedded dirt.

The addition of Spearmint Essential Oil is to ease any itching of the skin as it has antiseptic and healing properties so great for most skin types.  

Our Charcoal Shampoo is packed with 100% natural ingredients, there is not one single chemical used...nor is it bulked up with water!  Just pure natural goodness.

We will shortly have available a refill pouch so you can simply refill the bottle (yes, we know we have used a recyclable plastic bottle, but you will be able to refill these bottles from the pouches so they are not single use).


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