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Harvest Grains Breed N Spell

Harvest Grains Breed N Spell

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Increased Minerals, Vitamins and Nutrients

A great foundation feed for most horses

• All growth stages incl yearlings, mares & foals

• Maintain or increase condition when required

• Spelling and agistment

• Ageing and rehabilitating 

• Also suitable as a foundation diet for working horses

 A controlled energy feed to maintain growth and appearance. As such it is suitable for  a variety of horses when large volumes of feed are not required.

Nutrient dense, a less heating source of medium energy, quality proteins, highly digestible amino acids and fresh cold pressed Oil high in Omega 3 and 6 sourced from our own New Zealand growers.  Balanced using inorganic, chelated and organic minerals,  inorganic and organic vitamins (includes coated vitamins) and the important anti-oxidant Vitamin E at 450iu per kg.

  • Also contains our NZ made Harvest Grains SIGNATURE GOLD NUT™ 

Contains organic selenium (tot SE - 0.5mg per kg)  Increased ratios of calcium and phosphorous, zinc (inc organic) and copper (inc organic) make BREED- N-SPELL the perfect foundation feed for many New Zealand horses.

• Seek advice to attain correct selenium levels for all horses. 

• Provide additional salt or electrolytes if in work 

• Energy 13MJ KG (DE) 

• C Protein 16.7%

• Lysine 6.2g per kg

• Oil 7% 

• Fibre 11% 

• Calcium Phosphorus ratio 2.1:1

• Sodium Chloride 10g per kg 

• Rolled barley

• Sunflower

• Green field peas

• Lupins

• Quality extruded and cold pressed proteins

• Harvest Grains SIGNATURE GOLD NUT™ 

• Super Fiber-digest pellet 

• NZ cold pressed oils 

• Alfalfa  

• Molasses 

• Chelated & organic minerals 

• Coated vitamins 

• Increased Natural Vitamin E 

• Performance Booster  

• Gut Conditioner & Probiotics 

Suggested Daily Maintenance

300kg 0.25-2kg 

400kg 0.5-2.5kg 

500kg 1-3kg 

600kg up to 3.5kg 

Weanlings, Yearlings & Minis - do not exceed 0.66kg per 100kg bodyweight 

Not suitable for equines suffering EMS, laminitis or cushings disease 

NB Due to printing delays this product is supplied in plain bag with feeding label

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